Eligibility Criteria

Candidate by any professionabove 18years can participate into SDOP course. They must be having an android set with the valid mobile no. registered with the scheme “MyPerky” and havinginternet facility to run the online apps. A single mobile no. can be registered with only one applicant.


SDOP is a course provided to the participants to impart training on specific online digital works. For the first 3 months the training would be provided and then the interested participantsshall be engaged in digital outsourcing works.


The interested participant can take enrolment into SDOP course at any of our MyPerky’s Digi Centres by paying Rs. 3,500/- + GST@18% in Scholarship Scheme ORRs. 350/- + GST in General Scheme with required documents. General Scheme participant can upgrade to Scholarship scheme by payingRs. 3,150/- + GST within 30 days (Grace Period) of enrolment. If participant failed to upgrade within grace period, the participant has to pay entire fee (Rs. 3,500/- +GST) for upgradation.

Earning Benefits:

  1. Scholarship
  2. Work Incentive
  3. Referee Performance Incentive (RPI)
  4. Direct Referral Benefit (DRB)
  5. Team Development Bonus (TDB)
  6. High Performance Commission (HPC)


After enrolment, a participant goes under 360 hours digital training program in 90 days. In each execution of assigned digital task for 120 hrs, the participant gets eligible for scholarship. He/she can avail 3 times scholarship from scholarship fund up to Rs. 2,300/- for each completion of 120 Hours during training period. The participant shall start availing the Scholarship from the month of participation either by direct entry into or upgradation to Scholarship Scheme with subject to fulfilment of completion of 120 hours.

Work Incentive:

After training, the digital tasks are outsourced to the participants on regular basis and based on their works. On pro-rata basis, a participant can earn a monthly work incentive benefit up to Rs. 10,000/-(Rupees Ten Thousand Only) for working at least 120 hrs per month.Work Incentive per hour is Rs. 60/- and it can only be availed for working at least 50% of the work/ 60hours.

Referee Performance Incentive (RPI):

Participant can avail RPI upon their referee’s work performance (Work Incentive) based on hierarchy as follows.

Hierarchy Level-1 Level-2 Level-3 Level-4 Level-5 Level-6 Level-7
RPI Factor 10% 7% 5% 3% 2% 1.5% 1.5%

Referee Performance Incentive (RPI)= Work Incentive (of Referees completed 120hrs per month in their hierarchy)X RPI Factor as per hierarchy

The Referrer participant has to work on digital tasks of “MyPerky” app for at least 50% of the work/ 60 hours in a calendar month to avail the generated RPI in prorate basis in that particular month. Those who works more than 120hrs per month can avail full RPI.

Direct Referral Benefit (DRB):

There are bands defined upon group of participants referred and the DRB can be availed as follows:

Band Band-1 Band-2 Band-3 Band-4 Band-5
No. of referees <=5 6 to 25 26 to 100 101 to 500 >500
Direct Ref. Benefit (INR) 300 500 800 1,200 2,000

Team Development Bonus (TDB):

Team Development Bonus can be availed by the participant as per their referral hierarchy as follows.

Hierarchy Level-1 Level-2 Level-3 Level-4 Level-5 Level-6 Level-7
BasicTDB (INR) 100 75 50 25 50 75 100

Based on Band, the Final Team Dev. Bonus is disbursed as follows:

Band Band-1 Band-2 Band-3 Band-4 Band-5
TDB Disbursement Factor 1.00 1.20 1.40 1.80 2.50

Team Development Bonus (TDB): Basic TDB X (1.00 + Differential of TDB Disbursement Factor)
If the referee’s band is less than the referrer’s then the Basic TDB + differential factor of Basic TDB would be disbursed else the Basic TDB would be considered for final TDB.

High Performance Commission (HPC):

High PerformanceCommission (HPC) is a monthly target-based commission based upon their direct referees who have already qualified from Band-1 (i.e. min. 5 participants referred by them).

No. of direct referees(Band2 or above) 5 20 50 100 250
Monthly Target of New Participants in their Team 100 300 1,000 10,000 1,00,000
Maximum HPC (INR) 10,000 30,000 1,00,000 3,00,000 10,00,000
  1. The training period will be commenced from the date of activation of the “MyPerky” App.
  2. All the benefits in General Scheme shall be held up till upgradation to Scholarship scheme.
  3. The evaluation time/Digi points will be displayed in the “MyPerky” app or on dashboard of participant in MyPerkywebapp on everyday midnight and based on that evaluation of scholarship and incentives shall be done.
  4. The Direct Referral Benefit (DRB) is an earning on weekly basis i.e. 1 to 7, 8 to 14, 15 to 21, 22 to end-of-month. Rest all benefits are calculated from 1st to the end of eachcalendar month.
  5. High Performance Commission (HPC) is a prorate monthly target-based commission calculated on differential system (the difference of team participants between referrer’s and referee’s), which can be availed only after achieving 50% of the monthly target.

Terms and conditions:

  1. Interested candidates other than student or employee by profession can avail the facility of taking training with all benefits except any credit scheme.
  2. The course fee is a monetary payment and it must be submitted along with duly filled application for enrolment. The fee is non-refundable in nature.
  3. A participant will undertake training under “MyPerky” scheme of AnyantMultitek Private Ltd. with a specific outsourcing system.
  4. Work means execution of digital outsourced tasks as per MyPerky’s guidelines.
  5. Only the paid participants can avail the earning benefits of the scheme of “MyPerky”.
  6. The earning structure may be revised from time to time and the payment calculation would be effective from the date of modification.
  7. A participant shall avail electronic payment instruments in form of credit cards, web cards, digital wallets etc. from different sources and he/she would be benefitted with the scheme specified.
  8. Each participant cannot claim the benefits of other categories as he/she deserves for specific one.
  9. The participant must have PAN linked Aadhar card and non-defaulter with any financial institution to avail any credit facility.
  10. The complete KYC details shall be provided by the participant for the fulfilment of the requirement of financial institution and payment processing at “MyPerky” wherever required.
  11. Each participant shall be benefitted with incentives in performance evaluated as per MyPerky’sprevailed system.
  12. The mode of repayment to the concern source(s)/ financial institution(s) shall exclusively be sole responsibility of the participant.
  13. The participants shall pay the course fee at the recognised franchisee centres of “MyPerky”.
  14. When participant exceeds earning Rs, 1,00,000/-(One Lakh Only) then there will be a contribution deduction of 10% from their earnings towards scholarship fund.
  15. All the earnings shall be deducted at the rate of 10% from the gross amount towards administration and payment processing service charge.
  16. TDS deduction shall be applicable as per rule.